Why use an ARLA Propertymark Protected Agent?

Elite International Real Estate Limited is an ARLA Propertymark member our director holds the member grade. 

Many landlords and tenants are unaware that the lettings industry is unregulated, meaning that effectively anyone can set up as a letting agency.
ARLA Propertymark is the UK's foremost regulatory body within the lettings industry, working to improve standards and protect consumers.

As an ARLA Propertymark member, we have had to fill a number of corporate responsibilities, which mean landlords and tenants will always receive excellent service and professional advice.

Using an ARLA Propertymark agent means:

  • Your money is protected - ARLA Propertymark members take Client Money Protection (CMP) seriously. Your money will be held in a designated separate bank account.
  • You're working with experts in the field - Propertymark qualified agents who will give you professional and high-quality advice
  • Arla Propertymark members undertake regular training and updates on complex legislative changes
  • Arla Propertymark members adhere to a nationally recognized Code of Practice, giving reassurance that your agent will be working to the highest standards of best practice
  • Arla Propertymark members hold membership to an independent redress scheme
  • Arla Propertymark members hold Professional Indemnity Insurance

By choosing an ARLA Propertymark registered agent such as Elite International Real Estate Limited you can have peace of mind that you are working with a professional agent that adheres to the high standards and requirements of ARLA Propertymark membership. As Elite is ARLA Propertymark we must comply with all relevant regulations we have clearly set out what we as agents will do for you as a landlord. Some fees are applicable to services please see fees for cost. 

Things to consider before letting your property

It is illegal to charge tenants certain fees, any landlord or agent found to be in breach of the Tenant fee act is liable for a fine of up to £5,000 for the first offense then further breach within five years liable for a fine of up to £30,000 or prosecution.

Legal responsibilities

The main responsibilities include:

  • Ensure the property is fit for human habitation and free from hazards throughout the tenancy
  • Protect tenants deposits in an approved scheme
  • Provide a tenant on how to rent guide
  • Provide the tenant with a name and address in England and Wales where the tenant can serve notices is a legal requirement under section 48 Landlord and Tenant Act 1987
  • Ensure the property is kept in a good state of repair
  • Carry out a gas safety check and provided the tenant(s) with a copy before the start of the tenancy
  • Provide a copy of an EPC certificate to the tenant that must show a minimum rating of no lower than E is met
  • Ensure electrical installations and appliances are safe
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Ensure the tenant has the correct contact details for the agent including an emergency number.
  • You must ensure you have permission from your mortgage lender in place to let the property
  • You must obtain a property license if required


We at Elite want you to get quality tenants so we reference ALL tenants with HomeLet who will carry out the following:

  • Credit check, including adverse history
  • Background search on tenant
  • Financial checks
  • Check their bank accounts are genuine
  • Cross-reference against HomeLet’s default database
  • Previous landlord or agent checks
  • Employment checks to establish salary

Homelet also guarantee tenant eviction if they do not pay their rent within the first 12 month

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Elite also recommends our Rent Guarantee Insurance which covers.

  • Cover for the total monthly rent, no matter how many tenants are on the tenancy agreement
    100% of the monthly rent paid for up to a maximum of six months from the date of the first arrears
  • Legal expenses up to £50,000 to cover eviction costs if the tenant is in breach of their tenancy agreement
  • Covers breaches of the tenancy agreement by the tenant, including non-payment of rent and expired section 21 notices
  • 50% of the rent paid for up to two months after vacant possession has been obtained, whilst new tenants are found

This policy covers the whole property meaning the policy continues even when/if the tenants change

Getting your home ready for tenants

Most of our landlords are experienced but if you are new we have set out the basics below as points to consider, using us as agents we will advise you on how to best present your property. However, we recommend landlords read the How To Let Guide published by HM Government. 

  • Clear your property of all items apart from essential items of furniture if you are renting furnished, ALL furniture you leave must comply with the Furniture and Furnishing (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988, if you have blinds with cords they need to adhere to the blind and cord safety legislation There is a higher demand for unfurnished and tenants that contact us preferer unfinished
  • Decorate your property with neutral colours remember you are letting the space not living in it the tenant should be able to move in and make it their home for the next 12 months and if they like living there could renew annually.
  • All electrical equipment must comply with the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 and General Product Safety Regulations 1994
  • All gas appliances must comply with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994, they must be serviced and checked annually with a certificate
  • Energy Performance Certificates are mandatory for all rental properties
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors must be installed in rental properties
  • We recommend that Maintenance Contracts are in place for all appropriate items
  • Instruction manuals should be left for the tenant's use
  • Professionally clean your property before let and expect the property returned in the same condition minus reasonable wear and tear.