Property Finders

Are you looking for your dream home or a property to invest in?

If so, you might consider hiring Elite as a property finder to help you with the process. We will work to locate properties that meet your specific needs and requirements. Established since 2006 we are experts in the real estate market, have a good understanding of property values, and have an extensive network that we can leverage to find the best properties on the market.

What Does an Elite Property Finder Do?

The main objective is to find the most suitable property for our clients based on their specific needs and preferences. To achieve this, we perform the following tasks:

1. Conducts Property Searches

Elite will compile a list of potential properties based on our client's needs and preferences. We will use our networks and connections within the industry to identify unadvertised properties that may be a great fit for you. We can also implement online searches, real estate agencies, and other resources to compile a comprehensive list of properties suitable.

 2. Evaluates Properties

Elite will assess the condition of potential properties based on the client's specific needs and requirements. We will use our expertise to evaluate the condition of a property and determine if it is worth a visit. This includes assessing the location, accessibility, and appropriateness of the property with respect to the client's preferences and requirements.

3. Conducts Property Visits

Elite will carry out the first visit and report back to then arrange visits to potential properties with clients either in person or virtually. This allows clients to get a firsthand experience of the property and assess if it meets their specific needs. Elite will always be at the property visit to answer any questions about the property and provide additional information to support the decision-making process.

4. Negotiates with property owners or agent

Once a client has identified a property that they would like to acquire, Elite can represent the client and negotiate with the property owners on their behalf. They will ensure that the transaction takes place at the best possible price for the client and handle any legal paperwork involved.

5. Arranges Property Inspections

Elite can also arrange for qualified inspectors to inspect potential properties. The inspections will identify areas in need of repair, or potential issues that may affect the resale value of the property.

6. Advises Clients on Property Financing

Elite also has partners that will advise on financing and lending if required. They can advise clients on how to obtain financing to purchase their dream home and provide recommendations on the most suitable mortgage plans.

Why Should You Hire a Property Finder?

Buying or renting a property can be a daunting task, especially if you are unfamiliar with the local real estate market. A property finder can help you save time, money, and effort by identifying properties that meet your specific needs and requirements. Property finders possess knowledge and connections that the average person does not have, making it easier to locate ideal properties that might have never been listed before in various estate agencies and real estate sites. 

Additionally, a property finder has experience in negotiation, which comes in handy when closing a deal. With their expertise, a property finder can negotiate favorable terms for you and ensure that the transaction goes smoothly without any hitches.

Hiring a property finder can be a wise decision if you are looking to buy or rent a property. They save you valuable time, effort, and money while helping you find your dream home or ideal investment property. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced property investor, working with a property finder can make all the difference in achieving your property objectives.

How Does Elite as a Property Finder Save You Money?

Elite can help you save money in various ways when buying or selling a property. Here are some of the ways Elite can help you:

1. Knowledge of Market Trends

One of the key advantages that Elite has is its knowledge of market trends. Elite’s team has a wealth of experience in the real estate industry and have been following the market for many years. This means they know the ins and outs of the market and can provide you with valuable insights that can help you make better decisions. By working with Elite, you can ensure that you are buying or selling at the right time, and for the right price. 

2. Negotiating Skills

Elite has a team of expert negotiators, who can help you get the best price for your property. Buyers and sellers often have different interests, and it is important to find a balance that is acceptable to both parties. Elite’s team can navigate these interests and use their negotiating skills to get the best deal for you. By working with Elite, you can save money on your property purchase or sale.

3. Access to Exclusive Properties

Another way Elite can help you save money is by providing access to exclusive properties. Elite has partnerships with many property developers and can provide you with access to properties that are not available on the open market. These properties often offer better prices or better value for money. By working with Elite, you can find your ideal property at a better price than you would find on your own. 

4. Time and Effort

Buying or selling a property can take a lot of time and effort. It involves many different tasks such as searching for properties, scheduling viewings, negotiating, and completing paperwork. By outsourcing this work to Elite, you can save time and effort. Elite’s team will handle all the tasks associated with buying or selling a property, leaving you free to focus on other things. This can help you save money by avoiding costly mistakes or missed opportunities. 

How is Elite's property-finding service different from the estate agency service?

In the UK estate agents work for the sellers and not the buyers, which poses a significant conflict of interest. They may prioritize the interests of the sellers and may not always have the best interests of the buyers in mind. In contrast, Elite's property-finding servicer works directly for the buyer, which makes us trustworthy and unbiased in our approach.

What sort of clients use Elite as property finders?

Elite Property Finding Service is a premium property search service designed to cater to discerning clients looking for luxury properties for investment or personal use. Elite caters to a variety of clients, including:

High-Net-Worth Individuals

Elite Property Finding Service is an ideal choice for high-net-worth individuals looking to invest in premium property for personal use or investment purposes. These clients prefer to work with a personalized service that understands their unique requirements and can handle all the details of their property search.


Expatriates who are relocating or moving to a different part of the country can benefit from Elite's property search service. The service offers local market knowledge and can help clients find the right property that fits their unique situation.

Corporate Clients

Corporate clients in need of properties for their executives, staff, or projects can benefit from Elite's property-finding service. The service can help companies find the right property that meets their requirements and can also provide assistance with legal and financial matters.


Investors looking to purchase premium properties for investment purposes can take advantage of Elite's property-finding service. These clients require a professional service that understands the property market and can provide advice on investment opportunities.

The process of instructing Elite as your property finders

1. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your needs and expectations, using the get-in-touch form below. This will help us understand your goals and preferences

2. Provide clear instructions: Be clear about what you are looking for in a property. This includes the location, price range, size, and any other specific requirements

3. Set realistic expectations: Be realistic about the time frame required for the property search and the outcome. It takes time to find the right property, and the market may not always have what you are looking for immediately

4. Sign a contract: Once you have agreed to the terms, sign a contract with us outlining our responsibilities and payment structure.

Once we have been appointed and all compliance checks have been completed we will commence searching on your behalf. 

Our Fees

We have retaining fees that are payable prior to instruction and success fees calculated on the final purchase or annual rental value which is payable upon exchange or signing the rental agreement. 

Property Sourcing 

Retaining fee of £2500.00 + VAT  

Success fee 3% of the purchase price minus the retaining fee 

Orientation Tours

This is only offered to our relocation & HNWC. POA 

Negotiation Only 

Terms and fees on an individual case basis are payable upon exchange of contract. 


Retaining fee £2000 + Vat

Success fee 10% + Vat of the annual rent payable upon signing the rental agreement mines the retaining fee

Search lengths are negotiable.