Buyers Agent

Buyers Agent 

House buying is both exciting and stressful from dealing with mortgage brokers, paperwork, sourcing properties, researching area, viewings, and then making an offer, mistakes can not only cause delays but also be costly in the future.

The majority of houses sold are via estate agents who are paid a percentage of the sold price so it is in their best interest to ensure the seller makes the most they can from the sale, basically, the estate agent looks out for the seller. So, who looks out for the buyer’s best interest? That will be a buyer’s agent.

Benefits of using Elite as a buyer’s agent.

Elite has a database full of contacts from mortgage advisors, surveyors, valuers, conveyance solicitors, builders, handymen to removal companies that saves you time looking or asking for recommendations. These recommendations are free, and Elite does not charge referral fees when acting as a buyer’s agent.

We can liaise with the mortgage broker to ensure your application is moving through the system in a timely fashion and if any issues arise, we can address them in a timely fashion.
We at Elite see houses on a regular basis and through experience, we know exactly what to look for and what to ask when viewing a property. By identifying problems or issues that need further investigation puts the buyer in a stronger position during negotiations.

We know if houses are overpriced as we know how to research the local market which is invaluable when making an offer. Hiring us as buyer’s agent means we are not emotionally attached to the purchase as a buyer would be, therefore we are able to present the pros and cons of the property while taking the emotions out of the decision however, the final decision will always be the buyers.

We will shortlist the properties with you and coordinate viewings which can be digital or in person.

Once you indicate the property you wish to purchase, we negotiate on your behalf, we know the tricks estate agents play trying to squeeze the most they can out of you, so it is our job to keep those pennies in your pocket.

After your offer has been accepted, we will keep the transaction on schedule by liaising with the estate agent, conveyance solicitor even picking up and dropping off keys if requested. Best of all our fees are flexible depending on the level of service required, so you only pay for what you need.

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