Vacant Property Management

Empty Properties

Vacant property maintenance can be troublesome be it an investment property, householders living abroad or if you simply do not want to let your property. Most insurance clauses will demand regular visits and for security purposes, you will not wish to have piles of mail advertising an empty property. We at Elite can provide the solution you are looking for to keep your property maintained and safe giving you peace of mind knowing your property is in safe hands with regular status reports.

Challenges of a Vacant Property

Security. Empty properties are targeted by thieves and vandals who not only steal possessions but also damage and devalue it. Vacant properties are also attractive to squatters and criminal activities. If a property has regular non-scheduled attendance this is likely to be a deterrent to potential thieves and vandals.

Dilapidation. General dilapidation such as blocked guttering, weed infestations, damp and structural damage can take place in properties that have been vacant for prolonged periods of time. Issues such as a roof leak or tap leak over time can cause significant damage costing more to remedy than the instruction of our service.

Distance. It is possible to manage your property from a distance however if you are in a different country or are hours away you may not find it easy to attend the property whilst work is being carried out or to manage multiple contractors. Having Elite manage your vacant property we will deal with any situations as they arise keeping you informed every step of the way.

Why Choose Us?

We are flexible, so we will consider bespoke arrangements our basic level vacant property management costs £60 incl. VAT which includes 2 visits to the property a month. Other services we can arrange upon consultation such as mail handling, plant care, general property maintenance, cleaning, gardening, liaising with insurance companies, accompanying a contractor.

We only use trusted and accredited contractors to carry out any work that needs doing on your home and they will always be accompanied. We do not outsource our responsibilities; we check up on your property ourselves. Contact us to discuss the requirements for your property using the form below.